A houseboat in Hamburg - what you need to consider

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On the Houseboat in Hamburg Living is becoming increasingly popular.

You don't have long stairs without an elevator, no immediate neighbors and no one who lives above you.

Not to mention scarce living space and high rents in Hamburg. Problems that are handled elegantly with living space on the water.

They will also Floating houses or new German Floating Homes and are known for their versatility and uniqueness.

The trend that was previously known from the canals of Amsterdam or from the canals of England is now also driving the Hanseatic city.

Before you go to Hamburg houseboat Build, there are a few things to consider. You will now find out which rules you need to follow.

The regulations for houseboats in Hamburg

When building a houseboat in Germany, in addition to water law That too building planning law And often that too Building Code Law, as a houseboat or floating house is not necessarily considered a watercraft.

It's a bit easier in the Hanseatic city. Here, so-called residents are not subject to the state building regulations.

The official route would therefore be as follows:

  1. Online on the City page of Hamburg possible Moorings for houseboats Find out.
  2. Berth or potential View building area.
  3. After all, you want to know where you end up and who your neighbors are.
  4. Above all, however, you should ensure that the area is also suitable for your planned project. If, for example, an electricity or water pipe is connected to the houseboat from the land side, the paths must be clear or a corresponding agreement must be concluded with the landowner of the surrounding properties.
  5. Depending on the area of eligibility, there is then an application process for this or you can directly Register interest with the responsible water authority.
  6. Die Responsibilities can also be found on the city's website. However, there is also a list of current houseboat projects below.
  7. Requested Compile documents: A water permit is required.
  8. In addition to a floor plan and site plan for the land and water side, you also need sections, a dalbensite plan and planning documents on statics, bridge connections and development.
  9. Among other things, it must be proven that the planned houseboat is tilt-stable.
  10. In addition, safety-related requirements and shipping concerns may be added depending on the district.
  11. In addition, a swimming certificate from a certified body and accident insurance are mandatory.
  12. And it should not be forgotten to write in it how you would like to assemble the houseboat and how you plan to secure it securely. Although the Hamburg building code does not apply, important points are also queried as part of the water permit, such as fire protection, escape routes and water connection to the municipal sewage system.
  13. Depending on how and where you want to go ashore and which pipes are required for the floating house, Permits from the relevant district office to catch up.
  14. When all applications have been submitted and documents have been submitted, it is wait and see.
  15. And as soon as all permits have been obtained, you can start living on the water in the future.

Interesting fact: In Hamburg, water areas are not sold or leased; they are used for special purposes. This means that if the area is not used for public use, an annual special use fee is due.

Houseboat projects in Hamburg

If you dream of living in the harbor, you will unfortunately have to be disappointed at this point. The port area of Hamburg falls under the Port Development Act, which states that only use for port purposes is permitted here. Living as a useful purpose in port is therefore excluded. But there are many other nice places for Houseboats in Hamburg:

  • For example, there is the area Hammerbrook, which is close to the S-Bahn and offers short distances. The moored houses here not only look great, you can also rent some of them via the usual holiday home portals for your next vacation.
  • The prestigious project Eilbek Canal It now attracts visitors with ten very modern to luxurious buildings. Some of them are also available for sale or rent.
  • Also in Hamm-Süd There are a few houseboats and there are still berths available along the Bille.
  • The new district also attracts Hafencity with houseboat projects. Mostly chic and modern, of course, so that they also fit into the picture.
  • The project in the flood basin at Berliner Tor/Heidenkampsweg.
  • And then there would be the Zollkanal with his classic houseboats.

Other areas that could still be considered for use are in the Central and South Canals as well as in the Rückers and Vering Canals.

Interesting note: The only floating church In Germany, the Riverboat Church is in Hamburg and it is currently located on the quayen. Previously, it was also in Veddel and Billwerder Bight. It is a Lutheran church with a baptismal font and all the trimmings.

Buying a houseboat in Hamburg

At Buying a houseboat Do you have to bear in mind that the monthly costs may include rental fees that must be paid to the investor who has developed the area.

In addition, there is a fee from the city for the special use of public water areas in Hamburg. You should also include insurance costs and the swimming certificate every few years.

Houseboats for sale in Hamburg can be found on popular housing and classified ad portals. More about how you can a Buy a houseboat and entertain, can be found in the Advice menu under Financing.

Rent a houseboat in Hamburg

A houseboat is not just an alternative to classic living space. It is also something for individualists and water lovers. After all, feeding ducks at breakfast is just one of the highlights of a houseboat resident. In Hamburg-Hammerbrook and Gauensiecker Hafen, for example, there are Houseboats for long term rental.

Vacation on a houseboat

Vacation on the houseboat It sounds more like an episode of Bibi and Tina, but it's actually a very nice experience. Although there are not many holiday offers in Hamburg on the current holiday home portals, they do exist and are growing more and more.

Frequently asked questions about houseboats in Hamburg

Can I get seasick on a houseboat?

That actually depends entirely on you as a person and the situation. How sensitive you are to swell and weather plays a decisive role here.

Can I bring my houseboat to Hamburg?

When a mooring is available and that houseboat If you fit under all bridges along the way, this is no problem. Before a transfer, however, be sure to check the necessary regulations. In principle, however, nothing stands in the way of this.

Reading tip: More about houseboat legislation can also be found in the Guide menu item at Legal.

Is there a difference between a houseboat and a floating house?

Yes, there is a difference. In short: A houseboat can drive by itself. A floating house must be towed.

  • Floating house: A floating house requires a solid pontoon as a base. This structure on the pontoon is then called a floating house.
  • houseboat: A houseboat, on the other hand, is a roadworthy ship that only anchors. The fuselage or displacer is often used as a useful space.

Hamburg has many canals and narrow watercourses. These are ideal as berths for houseboats. There are also many waterways with bridges. After all, the city is also known as Venice of the North due to its many bridges.

As a result, houses on the water often require a low height and an elongated shape. This quickly makes them look like houseboats.

There is also the Hamburg-specific term”Lieger”. According to Hamburg Port Traffic Regulations, these are stationary floats. Floating houses and houseboats therefore fall under the term berth.

Not to be confused are houseboats However, with the WaterHouses, which were realized in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg as part of the International Building Exhibition 2013. These are solid houses on stilts that cannot be moved.

Houseboats in Hamburg: A future trend?

It almost seems that way, because no other city deals so extensively with the topic of “houseboats”.

Hamburg provides a map showing possible berths for houseboats. And the Senate has already announced several times that it will promote the use of water areas as living space. In addition, the floating houses provide a particularly beautiful urban planning accent.

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