houseboat insurance

What type of houseboat insurance is available?

As with other boats, you can also use for the purchased houseboat take out liability insurance and comprehensive insurance. This includes the damage you cause to others and the damage you do to your houseboat. With “Hausboot” comprehensive insurance, you can choose between partial comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance for the houseboat. A detailed overview of the tariff features can be found in the service comparison. Insurance brokers recommend two types of insurance so you can enjoy your time on the water with peace of mind. In addition to these two types of insurance, you can also take out legal expenses insurance for your houseboat in order to have legal assistance in the event of a dispute.

How much does houseboat insurance cost?

The costs of houseboat insurance depend, among other things, on the year of construction of the houseboat and the value of the houseboat. You can already buy powerful and affordable liability insurance for just 109.00 EUR (including tax) per year. For houseboat insurance, you can take out fully comprehensive insurance of 166.60 euros (including tax) per year. With the online calculator, you can quickly and easily enter the value of the houseboat and see the houseboat insurance premium with just a few clicks.

Can I take out houseboat insurance online?

Of course you can a houseboat insurance buy online. With the online calculator, which you can find below, you will be informed about insurance premiums with just a few clicks. If you agree to the suggestion, you can buy houseboat insurance online within a few minutes and receive the insurance policy shortly after.

Is there insurance coverage when renting out a small house?

The occasional private rental (without professional crew) is already included. The occasional rental period in the insurance year must not exceed 30 days. During this time, your houseboat is still fully insured. Commercial rental is excluded from insurance coverage.

How do I insure home furniture on a houseboat?

To ensure that your private facilities are permanently insured in your houseboat, there is one point below the valuation.

Ultimately, this includes everything that falls under household contents in the broadest sense. This does not apply to electronic consumer electronics, there is an extra point for this.

It is recommended not to rely on your own household insurance, as this initially only covers specific risks, disputes are likely to arise here as to how far a houseboat is a permanent building and to what extent the so-called external insurance applies.

These items themselves are also insured at 3% of the agreed insurance amount. If you need an increase, you can add it to the contract as a personal effect.

To the houseboat insurance offer

Summary, how do I insure my houseboat?

liability insurance

  • worldwide insurance coverage
  • Rental property damage, e.g. to jetties
  • dinghy co-insurance
  • Occasional houseboat rental possible
  • Water damage

Partial comprehensive insurance

  • Winter storage damage
  • Fire, explosion
  • storm, lightning, earthquake
  • Stealing the whole boat
  • Insurance at new value
  • Bergekosten

Comprehensive insurance

  • all damages listed under partial insurance
  • vandalism
  • Theft of parts
  • houseboat accident (stranding, capsizing, sinking)
  • Collision with fixed or floating objects
  • Reimbursement of expenses in case of emergency at sea*
  • Assistance in dealing with authorities*
  • All risk coverage
  • Bergekosten
  • no “new for old” prints
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