Houseboat financing (general)

Many people interested in houseboats want or need to deal with the issue of houseboat financing. With a corresponding equity of at least 30%, a houseboat loan can be realized by a bank.

Houseboats are unfortunately categorized by traditional banks as inconclusive in terms of their value and value stability. Since this is not real estate, collateral values are set very low — often not at all — to reduce banking risks. For this reason, “simple” houseboat financing channels via a traditional bank are often ruled out. The specialized banks, on the other hand, certainly finance the dream of buying a houseboat. It is also possible to receive support through a consumer loan. Free loan offers can be found at

Talks with an independent financing specialist also help, as there are also alternative houseboat financing options. Also for houseboat shipyards and houseboat manufacturers/developers. If you have a Buy a houseboat You should also follow these routes.

There are interesting financing alternatives here via a “Hire-purchase model”.

This is offered by leasing companies that have special financing know-how. Financing terms of up to 72 months/ 6 years with residual values/ “block rates” of around 40-50% of investment costs are very often shown under equity contributions of between 10-30% of investment costs.

If the houseboats are later also rented out for tourism to changing holiday guests, that is a preferred procedure. A financing structure of this type is very flexible and makes it possible, for example, when due after 72 months, to decide whether the remaining amount will be financed once again or whether the financing can be completely repaid. It is definitely worth considering this variant.

If a later financier is “brought on board” right from the start of the talks between manufacturer/shipyard and prospective buyers, construction processes, payment plans, etc. can also be coordinated together. With a”Sales financing” Through a leasing company — comparable to financing options in the automotive sector — subsequent monthly installments/monthly financial charges are the decisive factor for financial consideration.

The actual purchase price is fading more and more into the background. A decisive point for the decision to Buying a houseboat of the interested party. The acquisition of a financing partnership with a long-term network partner can certainly become a decisive competitive factor here. Today, houseboat manufacturers are constantly developing new houseboat types. These can be presented, for example, as so-called sample boats or exhibition boats. These boats are often refinanced from liquidity or working capital lines. There are very interesting financing alternatives here to protect current liquidity and credit lines: concrete sample or demo boat financing with terms of 12-24 months.

In addition, “pre-order financing” to ensure larger delivery tranches from specialist financiers can also be presented. An early discussion with a suitable financing partner increases flexibility for manufacturers and houseboat buyers. This financing usually takes between 3-9 months and covers the material and production costs up to the respective handover of the boat.

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