Houseboat hull shapes

What factors should you consider before using a Buy a houseboat?

When choosing the shape of the fuselage, you need to consider several factors. Which fuselage shape do I need? Which building material makes sense? Should the houseboat drive itself or will it be towed? Does the hull have to withstand ice? Which structures are planned? A comparison is difficult to make due to the different parameters. It is advisable to only compare boats with the same hull length and width.

trunk stability

Building materials and the associated mass have a greater effect on the overall stability of the houseboat than the shape of the hull. While a concrete pontoon can weigh several hundred tons and create a draft of up to two meters, floats made of glass-reinforced sandwich material are so light that a draft of just a few centimeters is often sufficient to support the total weight.


When planning the hull, you should already think about the houseboat's energy supply. The advantage of installing the technology in the hull, the “monohull”, is that you save space right from the start and gain more storage space on deck.


  • They are usually made of steel or concrete in the form of a cuboid (even if the side surfaces are slightly angled).
  • Pontoons are also used for events such as concerts and water sports events.


  • The fuselage is often made of steel, aluminum or plastic.
  • The float has different ends which converge and whose underside is slanted or has curved areas.
  • A distinction is made between single and multi-hull boats.
  • A monohull is generally better suited for travel.


  • Have low draft if the weight of the boat is not excessive.
  • This makes them also suitable for shallow waters and canal trips.
  • The large lateral area under water promotes good course stability.


  • They're mostly catamarans. They consist of two floats that are firmly connected to each other and are often built in a closed form.
  • At most, liquid tanks are stored in the floats.
  • Multihulls have good overall stability.
  • The system technology is usually located in the living room.
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