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Personal advice
  • Design/Boat type
  • Technical requirements
  • Safety advice materials
  • Renewable energy
  • Profitability presentation of the project
Complete project execution
  • Needs analysis and advice
  • Boat builder selection
  • Offer discussion
  • contracting
  • Monitoring and project management
Houseboat berths
  • residential water use
  • Berth position
  • Safety advice
  • Ecology consulting (self-sufficient living)
  • Service and shipyard advice
houseboat transportation
  • Technical requirements
  • Safety advice
  • Service and shipyard advice
  • Route and mooring
  • investment advice (investment advice, business model)

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Hello, dear houseboat enthusiasts,
Since my early childhood, life on water has been an integral part of my identity. Over the years, my knowledge has been consolidated through personal experience, professional roles as consultant, project manager, broker and certified boat surveyor.

With in-depth knowledge of the houseboat market and its facets, I can help you make the right decision. My goal is to show you the ideal path and avoid typical stumbling blocks together. At, we offer you a detailed information base on the various options in the area of houseboats.

With tailor-made advice, we can dive deeper into your individual requirements and plan the optimal steps for your water future together. Thanks to my many years of experience and cooperation with a network of experts, I ensure that your houseboat project is in safe hands, regardless of whether you are a detail-oriented planner, a decisive visionary, a trustworthy investor or a careful pragmatist. I am always available and am happy to accompany you on your houseboat journey.

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Houseboat guide

In our guide, you will find all important information about Buying a houseboat. This includes topics such as houseboat financing and insurance, houseboat technology, Moorings for houseboats And the houseboat rental. Find out more now in Houseboat guide!

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Houseboats are floating vacation rentals that combine the comfort of a home with the freedom of water. These unique boats offer cozy living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and often sun terraces. Ideal for relaxing vacations and nature lovers who want to explore picturesque waters. Welcome aboard our houseboat adventures!

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Floating Home

Floating homes, also known as water houses, are innovative forms of living on the water. These floating residences offer luxurious living comfort surrounded by a natural backdrop. They combine modern design with environmental awareness and create a unique, sustainable lifestyle on rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Discover the ultimate aquatic life on our Floating Homes website!

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Traditional ships

Traditional ships are historic watercraft that were once used for various purposes, such as trade or fishing. Today, they serve as unique accommodation on the water and offer nostalgic charm paired with modern comfort. Our traditional ships allow you to experience maritime history up close while enjoying the beauty of the water in cozy cabins and on deck.


Special Buildings

Special buildings are unique houseboats that are tailor-made to meet individual needs and dreams. These creative water apartments offer the ultimate in luxury and adaptability. From breathtaking architecture to first-class interiors, special buildings offer an exclusive opportunity to design life on the water, just the way you want it.


Personal advice

The perfect houseboat is more than just a watercraft — it is your personal home on the waves or even your future business and therefore also a reflection of your dreams.

Would you like to buy a houseboat that is just right for you? Let's find out together which boat makes your visions a reality. Stay tuned for our support for buying houseboats, houseboat berths and everything that goes with it. Start with our short questionnaire so that my team and I get a deep insight into your ideas. We'll get back to you within 24 hours to outline the route to your dream houseboat — we're looking forward to traveling together!

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