Individual advice

Discover your dream houseboat with experts at your side

Benefit from tailor-made advice, comprehensive project management, exclusive berths and transport options that bring you safely to your destination.

Personal advice

We provide you with professional assistance in finding the perfect houseboat that meets your individual wishes and needs.

Personal advice:

  • Personalized consulting services tailored to your specific requirements to ensure that all aspects of your boat project are tailored to your needs.

Design/Boat type:

  • Selection of the appropriate design and boat type that not only meets your aesthetic wishes, but also functionally supports your lifestyle.

Use and design of space:

  • Efficient and intelligent space solutions that make optimal use of available space on a boat while ensuring comfort and practicality.


  • Advice on choosing a suitable berth that meets both safety and personal requirements, taking into account practical aspects such as connectivity and local regulations.

Investment advice (investment advice, business model):

  • Analysis and advice on the investment in the boat project, preparation of business models and investment plans to ensure economic sustainability.

Technical requirement:

  • Clarification of all technical specifications to ensure high functionality and long-term durability of your boat.

Renewable energy:

  • Integration of renewable energy systems to make your boat operate more sustainably and reduce operating costs in the long term.

Profitability statement of the project:

  • Detailed preparation and presentation of the financial aspects of the boat project to create transparency about the costs and expected benefits and to ensure profitability.
Complete project execution

From the idea to the first mooring line — we'll be with you all the way to life on the water, whether you're buying a houseboat or renting a houseboat.

Needs analysis and advice:

  • We will discuss your requirements and wishes with regard to the desired boat or yacht.
  • Detailed advice is provided regarding boat types, sizes, equipment and budget options.

Design requirement proposal discussion

  • We will compile a list of potential shipyards or boat builders for you.
  • The design offers will be discussed and reviewed together with you in order to select the best one for you.

Boat builder selection:

  • After completing the visit and negotiations, we will select the preferred boat builder with you based on quality, experience and price.

Conclusion of contract:

  • We help you draw up a contract with the boat builder, which sets out the specifications, payment plans and delivery dates.

Monitoring and project management:

  • During the construction process, we monitor progress together and ensure that the project runs in accordance with the agreed conditions.
  • We act as a link between you and the boat builder to coordinate any problems or adjustments.

Inspection and acceptance:

  • We organize inspections and quality checks to ensure that the boat meets the standards that meet your expectations.

Delivery and handover:

  • After successful inspection and acceptance, the boat will be delivered to you. We provide assistance with handover and training on how to handle and maintain the boat.

After-sales service:

  • We will continue to provide you with maintenance, service and any warranty claims.

Where do you want to moor and where can you lie anyway? We'll find the perfect berth for your houseboat or show you houseboats with a berth.

  • residential water use
  • Berth position
  • Safety advice
  • Ecology consulting (self-sufficient living)
  • Service and shipyard advice

Simply change the berth and move to another marina with the houseboat? Our service makes it possible!

  • Technical requirements
  • Safety advice
  • Service and shipyard advice
  • Route and mooring
  • investment advice (investment advice, business model)
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Your personal advisor

Tim Krenke

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Birthplace: berlin
Childhood: Coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Continuing education & maturation: Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Professional experience & expertise: Founding and management of, the platform for collecting and providing specialist information on the purchase and use of houseboats. Comprehensive cooperation with industry experts, houseboat manufacturers, architects and houseboat owners to constantly expand and update my knowledge, for optimal customer support. Work as an independent consultant, project manager and broker for interested parties and houseboat owners.

Personal background: Even as a child, I was fascinated by water and spent many hours sailing and exploring coastal waters. These early childhood experiences shaped my love and enthusiasm for life on the water. The findings from long sailing trips — from dealing with the challenges of nature to the calming effect of water — influenced my decision to live on the water myself.

Motivation: When I noticed that many people share the same dream of living on a houseboat but fail due to lack of information, I felt compelled to find a solution. With, I want to fill gaps in knowledge and help others realize their dream.

Objective: The continuous expansion and optimization of and the support of interested parties on their way to the perfect houseboat.

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