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Discover all possible types of houseboats at a glance!



Houseboats are floating vacation rentals that combine the comfort of a home with the freedom of water. These unique boats offer cozy living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms and often sun terraces. Ideal for relaxing vacations and nature lovers who want to explore picturesque waters. Welcome aboard our houseboat adventures!


Floating Homes

Floating homes, also known as water houses, are innovative forms of living on the water. These floating residences offer luxurious living comfort surrounded by a natural backdrop. They combine modern design with environmental awareness and create a unique, sustainable lifestyle on rivers, lakes and coastal waters.


Traditional ships

Traditional ships are historic watercraft that were once used for various purposes, such as trade or fishing. Today, they serve as unique accommodation on the water and offer nostalgic charm paired with modern comfort. Our traditional ships allow you to experience maritime history up close while enjoying the beauty of the water in cozy cabins and on deck.


Used boats

Used houseboats offer price-conscious water sports enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy life on the water without breaking the bank. Our high-quality, carefully tested second-hand boats are the perfect choice for affordable water fun. Discover our selection of used houseboats and start your adventure on the water today!


Special Buildings

Floating special buildings are creative masterpieces: event locations, hotels, restaurants and more. The focus is on flexible design, high safety and quality. Discover our wide range of options on the water!

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